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MAP Friendly Services

About us

Path 2 Prevention is an organization that is committed to taking a compassionate, evidence-based approach to supporting minor-attracted persons while adopting a  preventative approach to reducing child sexual offences.

Research indicates that around 20% of males (and fewer females) have some sexual attraction to children or adolescents (minors), while a smaller minority (est. 1-3%) have a primary sexual preference for these demographics.  Minor-attracted individuals often struggle with coming to terms with their attraction and can experience depression, anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem and suicidal ideation. Understandably these individuals are often fearful of seeking out professional support, and most mental health care providers are not equipped to support this population.  Path 2 Prevention has been established to create a solution to this dilemma by providing empathic services for minor-attracted persons.   We aim to provide educational resources that can support these individuals while connecting them to suitable therapy services across the globe, that provide them with Permission, Acceptance, Trust, and Hope. 


Our Services

Fresh Start Course

A 10 Day Course For MAPs Who Want To Find Freedom From Compulsive Online Activity

MAP Friendly Therapy

Counselling and support services for Minor Attracted Persons and their loved ones.

Struggling with an attraction to minors can be a lonely, confusing and challenging experience. For some, this can, unfortunately, result in depression, anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem and suicidal ideation.  Our qualified therapists  are here to support you (or your loved one), through the journey of coming to terms with your attraction and working through any implications that this may be having on your life. You are not alone. 

Our qualified therapists work with minor-attracted persons around the world via Telehealth. We also have a large database of therapists who work with MAPs, and may be able to find someone in your local area of in person appointments.   We ensure that that all of our therapists (and those who we refer to) operate within our P.A.T.H principles. 

The Path Model
(for Therapy)


In therapy, permission is granted for individuals to discuss the most personal, and troubling aspects of sexual attraction, fantasies and desires, without fear of judgment or criticism. 


Individuals seeking support are accepted for who they are. Their sexual interests do not determine or undermine their worth or value as a human being. 


The individual engaging in the therapeutic process can trust that their therapist will respect their privacy and not breach confidentiality in response to a disclosure of attractions.   


All therapeutic approaches should focus on inspiring the individual with hope.  Hope that they can live happy, healthy, ethical, and rewarding lives irrespective of their attraction.